Job description

Begin by furnishing us with a comprehensive view of client needs.

This includes:

  • Detailed roles and responsibilities.
  • Specific technical and soft skills you deem essential.
  • Relevant industry experience and qualifications.
  • The proposed budget for the position.

Additionally, give us a glimpse into client company's culture, values, and work ethos. This dual-layered approach ensures we target consultants who excel technically and mirror client company's cultural blueprint.


Curated Talent Shortlisting

Our experienced technical recruitment team will sift through our extensive talent database to present you with a tailored list of profiles that stand out. Usually, within a few hours, client will have a selection of best-fit consultants on desk. We recognize that the ideal match might need extra time to find. For these unique requirements, we go the extra mile, intensifying our search efforts just for you.

In our quest to meet client needs, we generally come across three predominant situations:

  • A consultant from our vast network that fits like a glove is ready to engage.
  • A potential match within our database is awaiting our meticulous vetting process.
  • A scenario where we need to roll up our sleeves and headhunt the broader market to pinpoint client ideal consultant.

In-depth Consultant Engagement

it's our client interaction with the consultants. Discussions, evaluate their potential, and share client feedback. Our rigorous pre-vetting emphasising communication skills and technical expertise minimises the chances of encountering a mismatch. client will find that most consultants resonate well with the role, streamlining client decision-making process.


Seamless Integration into Client Team

Once client have zeroed in on the perfect talent, we'll handle all contractual formalities and ensure a smooth transition for the consultant into client organization. But our role continues beyond there. Our dedicated 'Talent Success Coach' remains involved throughout the talent's tenure, ensuring a harmonious and productive relationship between the consultant and client company. This continuous engagement is our commitment to providing you and the talent experience a rewarding collaboration.