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On Boarding Process

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    Job description

    Providing a clear and comprehensive overview of the role's responsibilities and expectations.

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    Curated Talent Shortlisting

    Thoughtfully selecting and presenting a tailored pool of skilled candidates.

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    In-depth Consultant Engagement

    Engaging candidates in thorough discussions to understand their expertise and alignment with client needs.

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    Seamless Integration into Client Team

    Ensuring a smooth transition and effective collaboration as the consultant becomes an integral part of the client's team.

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A Forensic Analyst, often referred to as a Digital Forensic Analyst or Computer Forensic Analyst, specializes in collecting, preserving, and analyzing digital evidence in various legal and security contexts.

A Forensic Analyst needs a deep understanding of computer systems, operating systems, file structures, and network protocols. Strong attention to detail, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills are essential.

Anicalls forensic analyst Investigates cyber-attacks and breaches to understand how they happened, who might be responsible, and how to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Roles & responsibilities

Evidence Collection

Secure and collect digital evidence from various devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and servers, ensuring no alteration or destruction of the data occurs.

Preservation of Evidence

Utilize best practices to ensure the integrity and chain of custody of evidence is maintained throughout the forensic analysis process.

Data Analysis

Extract, process, and interpret computer data, such as emails, files, system logs, and other user-generated content to uncover relevant pieces of evidence.

Use Specialized Tools

Employ industry-standard forensic software tools, like EnCase, FTK, or Cellebrite, to recover hidden, deleted, or lost data from devices.

Investigative Support

Work alongside law enforcement, legal professionals, or internal security teams to provide insights and technical expertise.

Expert Testimony

In legal contexts, the Forensic Analyst might be called upon to provide expert testimony in court to explain their findings & methods.

Incident Response Collaboration

Often work alongside incident responders during security breaches to understand the scope of an incident.

Research & Development

Engage in research to develop new forensic techniques or improve existing ones, especially with the emergence of new technology or software.

Training & Awareness

Share expertise with other team members and potentially provide training sessions on digital forensics best practices to other employees or stakeholders.

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