Quality Management (SAP S/4HANA)

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On Boarding Process

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    Job description

    Providing a clear and comprehensive overview of the role's responsibilities and expectations.

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    Curated Talent Shortlisting

    Thoughtfully selecting and presenting a tailored pool of skilled candidates.

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    In-depth Consultant Engagement

    Engaging candidates in thorough discussions to understand their expertise and alignment with client needs.

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    Seamless Integration into Client Team

    Ensuring a smooth transition and effective collaboration as the consultant becomes an integral part of the client's team.

Scouting for Quality Management Consultant?

A Quality Management Consultant in SAP S/4HANA ensures that the system is efficiently capturing, tracking, and reporting quality-related data, facilitating the organization`s commitment to maintaining high standards.

Focuses on quality processes and controls across various modules.

Roles & responsibilities

Process Design

Map and configure quality processes within the SAP S/4HANA system.

Master Data

Maintain and update quality master data, including inspection types, catalogs, and code groups.

Inspection Management

Set up and oversee inspections at various stages, from raw material receipt to final product delivery.


Ensure seamless integration of QM with other modules such as Production Planning, Sales & Distribution, and Material Management.

Audit Management

Configure and support internal and external audit management processes within the system.

Quality Notifications

Manage the entire lifecycle of quality notifications, from creation to closure.


Create and manage quality-related reports for different stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

Utilize the system to initiate and track continuous improvement projects.

Training & Documentation

Offer user training and maintain updated system documentation.

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