ServiceNow Workflow and Flow Designer

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On Boarding Process

  • 1
    Job description

    Providing a clear and comprehensive overview of the role's responsibilities and expectations.

  • 2
    Curated Talent Shortlisting

    Thoughtfully selecting and presenting a tailored pool of skilled candidates.

  • 3
    In-depth Consultant Engagement

    Engaging candidates in thorough discussions to understand their expertise and alignment with client needs.

  • 4
    Seamless Integration into Client Team

    Ensuring a smooth transition and effective collaboration as the consultant becomes an integral part of the client's team.

Ready to staff ServiceNow Workflow and Flow Designer?

A ServiceNow Workflow and Flow Designer should have a strong understanding of business process automation, ServiceNow platform capabilities, and scripting languages that ServiceNow supports. Practical communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and attention to detail are also critical for success in this role.

Roles & responsibilities

Workflow Design

Understand business processes and requirements to design and implement workflows in ServiceNow using the Workflow Editor.

Flow Creation

Leverage the Flow Designer to automate routine tasks and processes in ServiceNow, ensuring tasks are routed and managed efficiently.

Integration with Service Catalog

Integrate workflows with the Service Catalog to automate and manage request fulfilment processes.


Continuously assess existing workflows and flows for optimization opportunities to enhance efficiency and user experience.

Debugging & Troubleshooting

Investigate, diagnose, and resolve any issues related to workflows and flows, ensuring minimal disruption to end-users.

User Training

Train stakeholders and users on new or updated workflows and flows, ensuring they understand the process and any related changes.


Work closely with ITSM, ITOM, and other ServiceNow module teams to ensure cohesive and integrated solutions.

Custom Scripting

Where necessary, develop custom scripts to extend the capabilities of workflows and flows, meeting unique business requirements.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor the efficiency and response time of workflows and flows, ensuring they perform optimally and meet business needs.

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