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Are you scouting for MSBI Data Architect?

An MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence) Data Architect focuses on designing and deploying efficient data models and integration strategies using Microsoft BI tools. They act as the bridge between the business requirements and the technical aspects of BI solutions, ensuring that data is structured and processed in ways that best serve the company's decision-making needs.

An MSBI Data Architect plays a pivotal role in defining the roadmap of a company's BI strategy. Their expertise ensures that data is not just collected and stored but is structured in ways that make it an asset for actionable insights.

Anicalls's consultants are responsible for designing and implementing robust data architectures, ensuring scalability, reliability, and efficiency of BI solutions.

Roles & Responsibilities

Requirement Analysis

Collaborate with business stakeholders to gather and document BI requirements. Translate business needs into technical specifications.

Data Modelling

Design and implement dimensional data models (star schema, snowflake schema). Optimize and normalize database structures for efficient querying and reporting.

ETL Design

Create ETL processes using tools like SSIS to extract, transform, and load data. Ensure data integrity, quality, and validation processes are in place.


Design strategies to integrate MSBI solutions with other enterprise systems and platforms. Collaborate with other architects and developers for seamless data flow.


Ensure high performance of the BI environment by regularly optimizing database, cube, and report performance. Implement indexing, partitioning, and other optimization techniques.

Security & Compliance

Design data access layers and implement security measures. Ensure compliance with industry and company standards.

Reporting & Visualization

Use tools like SSRS and Power BI to design effective reporting solutions. Create dashboards and visualization tools to present data insights.


Coordinate with BI Developers, DBAs, and other IT staff. Provide guidance on best practices and methodologies in MSBI.

Continuous Learning

Stay updated with the latest advancements in Microsoft BI tools and technologies. Promote innovations and improvements within the BI team.

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