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Being a digital enterprise—Anicalls leverages technology to evolve all areas of its business model continuously.

Anicalls goal of digital transformation is to help our clients grow by experimenting with cutting-edge technology. "Digital transformation is better understood as an ongoing adaptation to an always changing environment."


Our Work Process

  • Analysis

    Integrating information from various sources.

  • Design

    Productive procedures for promising outcomes.

  • Development

    Consented in compliance with the schedule.

  • Testing

    Evaluate the application for defects and malfunctions.

  • Implementation

    The published code deployed knowledge into practice.

  • Maintenance

    Preserved and enhanced periodically according to a maintenance strategy.

Delivered Projects
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Digital transformation

Digital transformation can be a daunting task for companies, as it requires a fundamental shift in mindset. Agile methodology is the key to successful digital transformation. Our approach helps businesses to identify and prioritize high-value initiatives, quickly launch and validate ideas, and continuously adapt to changing customer needs. We have already helped dozens of companies achieve their digital transformation goals and are ready to help you do the same!

Why choose Us

  • 15 years of excellence
  • Digital transformation
  • Clients First
  • Strong expertise
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Our Mission

striving to use technology for expansion and success

Surpass clients' expectations by offering the most excellent cloud data solutions that turn data into knowledge.

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What we do

Anicalls was founded to deliver cutting-edge prevalent secure technologies, technical capabilities, and consulting services to businesses.

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Recent Posts


‘Father of Internet’ Warns Sinking Money Into Cool AI May Be Uncool

Vint Cerf, known as the father of the internet, raised a few eyebrows Monday when he urged investors to be cautious when investing in businesses built around conversational chatbots. The bots still make too many mistakes, asserted Cerf, who is a vice president at Google, which has an AI chatbot called Bard in development.


OpenAI Exec Admits AI Needs Regulation

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati stoked the controversy over government oversight of artificial intelligence Sunday when she conceded in an interview with Time magazine that the technology needed to be regulated. “It’s important for OpenAI and companies like ours to bring this into the public consciousness in a way that’s controlled and responsible,” Murati told Time. “But we’re a small group of people, and we need a ton more input in this system and a lot more input that goes beyond the technologies — definitely regulators and governments and everyone else.”

Client Testimonials

Customer Testimonails

The members of Anicalls' team showed to be incredibly adaptable and responsive. They maintained in touch with us on a consistent schedule. The team also provided demos on SAP-ARIBA every other week so we could confirm our business requirements.

Ivan Williams
Customer Testimonails

Team Anicalls handled business with professionalism and courtesy. The team knows the need to use technology to improve the customer journey and streamline procedures while keeping innovation in mind.

Miles Thomas
Customer Testimonails

The collaboration with Anicalls has been successful. We've increased the test cases and strengthened our coverage. It is now possible to test suites significantly more quickly because of the automation of about 80 percentage points of the test cases.

Brian Taylor

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