Azure SSAS Solution Architect

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Azure SSAS Solution Architect

On Boarding Process

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    Job description

    Providing a clear and comprehensive overview of the role's responsibilities and expectations.

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    Curated Talent Shortlisting

    Thoughtfully selecting and presenting a tailored pool of skilled candidates.

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    In-depth Consultant Engagement

    Engaging candidates in thorough discussions to understand their expertise and alignment with client needs.

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    Seamless Integration into Client Team

    Ensuring a smooth transition and effective collaboration as the consultant becomes an integral part of the client's team.

Hoping to hire Azure SSAS Solution Architect?

An Azure SSAS Developer specializes in using SQL Server Integration Services (SSAS) within the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Their primary focus is designing, implementing, and maintaining ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes to move and transform data between different systems using the capabilities of SSAS on Azure Data Factory.

An Azure SSAS Solution Architect acts as a bridge between business intelligence needs and technological solutions within the Azure platform. Their expertise ensures that organizations can access and analyse data efficiently, driving informed business decisions.

Anicalls's consultants designs complex analytical solutions leveraging Azure Analysis Services, ensuring they're scalable, performant, and integrate seamlessly with other Azure data services.

Roles & Responsibilities

Solution Designing

Architect and design scalable analytical models using SSAS. Determine the most suitable mode (Tabular or Multidimensional) based on business needs.

Azure Integration

Ensure seamless integration of SSAS solutions within Azure's ecosystem, particularly with services like Azure Analysis Services, Azure Data Factory, and Azure SQL Database.

Data Modeling

Develop and optimize data models, dimensions, hierarchies, measures, and calculated columns to support business requirements. Implement row-level security, partitions, and aggregations as required.

Performance Tuning

Monitor and optimize query performance and processing times. Apply best practices for SSAS model optimization in Azure.


Design and implement security policies, ensuring secure data access and compliance with organizational standards.

Deployment and Scaling

Manage deployment of SSAS projects to Azure Analysis Services. Scale Azure Analysis Services resources based on demand and usage patterns.


Document architectural decisions, design patterns, and best practices. Create and maintain SSAS model documentation for end-users and developers.

Continuous Learning

Stay updated on the latest developments in Azure and SSAS. Explore and implement new features and technologies that can benefit the organization.


Diagnose and resolve issues related to SSAS models, connectivity, performance, or security. Collaborate with IT and cloud infrastructure teams to ensure optimal performance and uptime.

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