How we work

Being a customer-oriented company, we do our best to make our offshore software development process as clear and transparent for our clients as possible. This proven development process has enabled our customers to considerably cut software development costs up to 75% and provide outstanding product quality.

These project costs savings and high-quality are enabled by:

  • Methodology
  • Business Models
  • Skill Set

Our approach leads to deeper understanding of the application domain, resulting in:

  • Effective communication between client and development team
  • Complete project requirements
  • Quick startup of the project
  • Effective development process
  • Quality assurance for all development stages


Anicalls's software development methodology provides comprehensive and flexible approaches to choosing and implementing the best solutions rapidly and cost-effectively. The methodology based on the Rational Unified Process encompasses many of the best procedures of software development process including developing software products iteratively, managing requirements in development cycle, using component-based architectures, continuously controlling software changes and quality.

Depending on the project size, its development phases can include:

Business Modelling & Requirements

Our business consultants conduct brainstorming sessions with the client that help determine the business objectives and marketing goals. To ensure that a system meets its requirements we track requirement compliance, starting from system inception to final deployment and system maintenance.

Analysis & Design

The primary result of the analysis and design phase is a technical specification document. This document gives developers and management clear outlines of how the features defined in the specifications would accomplish the desired tasks.

Implementation & Testing

During implementation phase, the actual work of the project is undertaken to produce the project's deliverables according to the project specifications, and make it ready for testing team. The test phase consists of verification and testing of individual modules that are combined into a built, which is in turn tested and certified.


This phase achieves client's approval on the project and installs the solution in client's business environment, prepares documentation and helpdesk infrastructure if required. In addition, end-user training may be provided to customer personnel.

This development methodology allows us to guarantee:

  • On-time completion of the software project
  • Delivery of a high-quality system satisfying your business requirements
  • Development of easy to use and flexible system

Business Models

Fixed Time / Fixed Price Projects

When the project scope and complexity can be precisely envisioned our fixed time/fixed price model can be applied as a low-risk option. This model guarantees on-time and on-budget delivery of the project. The project costs, deliverables, and timelines are defined in the fixed time/fixed price model.

Time & Materials Projects

For projects with the varying scope of work during the project development a time & materials model can be applied. In this business model we form a project team with the required team members based on project requirements. Clients pay a regular charge depending on the composition and size of the team.

Offshore Team

In this type of model we organize a dedicated offshore team for our clients. The team will be fully at the disposal of your organization. This team is under complete management and supervision of the client, which is paying a flat rate for the team's employees.

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